Curse Of The Wolf - Power Rangers Wild Force

Curse Of The Wolf
Airdate: April 06, 2002

Master Org comes up with a new plan, and releases the Duke Org Nayzor.
On theAnimarium, Cole tries to spook Max with stories of a wolf beast.
Nayzor begins his search through the forest, looking for something to release, but what?
Toxica and Jindrax recruit the latest Org - Vacuum Org.
The Rangers show up, and get the life sucked out of them.
Nayzor finds what he is looking for. He turns a knob, revealing a coffin.
The Rangers continue fighting the Org.
They strike with the Jungle Sword.
Vacuum Org is turned into a giant. The Rangers summon the Wild Force Megazord.
The Rangers destroy the Org by calling the Elephant and using Sword and Shield mode.
Shayla tells the Rangers to rush to the forest - a great evil is about to be released.
The Rangers are too late. The coffin begins to open, and a mysterious figure arises from within.
The Rangers finally arrive, only to witness the release of Zen Aku.
The wolf-like Duke Org leaps into the sky and attacks.
One by one, he takes out each Ranger, leaving them unconscious.
He even steals Alyssa'a Elephant animal crystal.
He grabs Cole and tells him that he will get vengeance for being imprisoned for 3000 years.
Zen Aku walks off into the moonlight, leavingthe Rangers a beaten mess all over the forest floor.
  • Great fight against Zen Aku. This guy is no joke.
  • Another body part Duke Org - first Retinaxe with the eyes, and now Nayzor with the nose.