Battle Of The Zords - Power Rangers Wild Force

Battle Of The Zords
Airdate: April 13, 2002

The Rangers recover, and plan their next move against Zen-Aku.
Nayzor asks Zen-Aku for the stolen animal crystal,but the wolf Org tells him that he works for no one.
Toxica and Jindrax follow Zen-Aku to steal the animal crystal, but Zen-Aku gets the best of them.
Zen-Aku remembers the past, when the original Wild Force cast a spell on him which trapped him for 3000 years.
The Rangers wake up the next morning, and wonder where Alyssa is.
She is in the woods, searching for her Elephant Zord.
Toxica and Jindrax ambush her, and knock her down a hill.
Zen-Aku finds her and tends to her wounds.
The Rangers find Alyssa. She wonders who put the bandage on her wound.
Zen-Aku confronts the Rangers, and tells them he will get his revenge.
The Rangers morph and prepare to defend themselves.
Zen-Aku attacks, and dominates the battle as usual.
He escalates things by calling on his own Zords - Hammerhead Shark, Wolf, and Alligator.
The Rangers call their Zords. The Alligator takes a bite out of the Gorilla.
The Lion and the Wolf ferociously attack each other.
Zen-Aku calls his Zords away, and leaves the Rangers.
Master Org tells Nayzor that it won't be long before Zen-Aku regains his memory, so he must make sure he destroys the Rangers soon.
The Rangers regroup at the Animarium. Alyssa asks Shayla if it's possible for Zen-Akuto turn the Elephant evil. Shayla doesn't have an answer.