Identity Crisis
Airdate: May 04, 2002

The Rangers mourn even worse than they usually do. Max's "never give up" cheer inspires them.
While chillin like a villain, Zen-Aku is visited by a wolf cub, which he finds strangely familiar.
The Rangers head back to Zen-Aku's forest to get their butts kicked again.
Toxica and Jindrax attack them, along with a group of Putrids.
Zen-Aku joins the fight as usual, and takes on Cole.
Taylor helps him out with a fistful of Soaring Darts.
Cole gets ready to hit him with the Lion Blaster.
But he isn't able to. Zen-Aku's wolf buddy gets in the way.
When Toxica accidentally hits the cub, Zen-Aku knocks her to the ground.
Zen-Aku grabshis puppy and runs off to patch him up.
Cole tells the team that he remembers seeing that puppy bathing with a guy.
Zen-Aku returns, and summons his Wild Zords.
This time he calls on the Bear Zords, and forms the Predazord Double Knuckle mode.
Before he can destroy the Wild Force Megazord, a vision appears, urging Zen-Aku to remember.
Master Org recognizes the figure in the vision, and he is not happy.
Shayla tells the Rangers that the one in the vision was Animus, an ancient Megazord.
A new Org shows his ugly face at a soccer field - Lawnmower Org.
Danny ends up doing most of the fighting against him.
Zen-Aku jumps in, wanting the Rangers for himself. He quarrels with the lawnmower over it.
And without even hesitating, he destroys Lawnmower Org with one hit. Toxica and Jindrax look on in horror.
They follow Zen-Aku to the forest, and grab him as Nayzor plants a bug in his head to make him unable to remember his past at all.
After Shayla tells the Rangers that she saw Zen-Aku bleed, they realize he must be human. They track him down to talk to him.
But of course he will have none of it, and proceeds to bust up the Rangers.
He takes Max down and goes in for the final blow.
But he is interrupted by Animus, who shows up again, telling him to remember who he is. Zen-Aku refuses to listen, and walks away.
As Shayla watches from the Animarium, she makes a startling realization, uttering a single word - "Merrick".