The Ancient Warrior
Airdate: May 11, 2002

Nayzor meets with a surprisingly obedient Zen-Aku, who gives him the Rangers' animal crystals.
Shayla tells the Rangers that she had a vision in which Animus told her what happened 3000 years ago.
A warrior named Merrick pleads with the ancient warriors to destroy him because he has been cursed.
The warriors don't want to, but when Zen-Aku attacks, they have no choice but to imprison him.
The Rangers also realizethat the moon is what gives Zen-Akuhis strength. They head for the forest to meet him.
They try to tell him that he is Merrick, but of coursethe bug makes him resistant to remembering any of it.
He beats the Rangers up, and holds the Crescent Blade to Cole's face.
Out comes an eclipse, courtesy of Animus.
Zen-Aku loses power, and reverts to his true form.
The face ofMerrick is revealed. He tells the Rangers his story.
3000 years ago, Animus was destroyed battling a giant Master Org. Things were not going well, and Merrick wanted to help.
He journeyed to the old city, and into Nayzor's temple, where he found the evil cursed mask of Zen-Aku.
Nayzor tried to stop him, but Merrick got away safely.
He put the wolf mask on, and summoned the Dark Wild Zords.
The Predazord destroyed Master Org, but completely corrupted Merrick.
With the eclipse passing, Merrick begins turning back. They try to hold him down, but he breaks loose.
After searching all night, they finally find Merrick, but he has turned back into their worst nightmare.
Shayla calls the Rangers up, and tells them that the source of thecurse is the Wild Zords - they must be destroyed.
As they are about to call their Zords, Danny is called by the Bison, who tells him that he is sending friends.
The Rhino and Armadillo Wild Zords appear, and charge into battle.
They combine with the Lion, Eagle, Tiger, and Shark to form a soccer champ Megazord.
It leaps into the air and kicks the heck out of Predazord.
Then it kicks a charged up Dillo straight into the Gator chompers, breaking apart the Predazord
Shayla cries with joy when she finds an unconscious Merrick laying on the ground, broken free of the curse.
  • Why would the absence of moonlight render Zen-Aku powerless? He was able to fight in the daytime.
  • I don't know about that whole soccer stadium thing with the Megazord.
  • Too bad they didn't give the new Megazord mode a name.