The Lone Wolf
Airdate: May 18, 2002

The Rangers find Merrick, and ask him to join the team. He refuses, unable to forgive himself for his actions.
He meets up with Toxica and Jindrax later on, and offers to join them.
Master Org himself shows up, along with Nayzor, to see if Merrick is for real in his offer.
Merrick attacks Master Org with a dagger, but he is quickly put in his place.
Master Org uses the stolen Animal Crystals to give form to an Org spirit.
Quadra Org is born, and attacks Merrick.
The powerless warrior is no match for the new Org.
The Rangers arrive, and morph to help their buddy out.
They hit him with the Jungle Sword, but Quadra Org deflects it.
He then ties them up in his tentacles.
Merrick gets up, and bravely attacks Quadra Org, but he gets beaten up.
As things get worse, his Animal Crystals return to him, and endow him with the Lunar Caller.
He uses it to morph into the Lunar Wolf Ranger, and prepares to kick butt.
He racks up his crystals, and zaps Quadra Org with some laser pool.
The fallen Org is revived and turned into a giant.
Merrick calls on his Zords and forms the Predazord, now with a good face.
The Rangers call on the Wild Force Megazord Striker mode to help out.
Thetwo Megazords join fists and deliver a mega sized blast.
Then the Predazord finishes Quadra Org with his staff.
Merrick then rushes down before Nayzor can split, and destroys him.
Toxica and Jindrax gasp at the last remnant of the General Org - his smoldering crown.
Merrick returns the Animal Crystals to the Rangers. They once again offer him a place on the team, but he walks away.