Power Play - Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Play
Airdate: June 01, 2002

Merrick wanders into Willie's Road House, and practices pool.
Perry Saturn and some thugs walk in and start making trouble.
Merrick takes them outside and teaches them a lesson.
Willie shows his appreciation by offering Merrick a room and a job.
Jindrax and Master Org wonder when Toxica is. Jindrax is sent out to play.
He takes some Putrids and lures the Rangers out to fight.
Everyone is shiocked when a new General Org reveals herself - Necronomica.
Merrick's wolf-sense tingles, and he rushes out to help.
He battles Necronomica, and even though he is losing, she retreats.
The Rangers try to socialize with him, but he won't have it, and walks off.
Later, Shayla finds out where he works and stalks him. He tells her he can only be her protector, and nothing more.
Jindrax comes back with a new Org - Karaoke Org.
Karaoke Org's bad singing incapacitates the Rangers.
Merrick shows up again and takes down Karaoke with some laser pool.
Necronomica appears again to finish her battle with Merrick.
As he rushes towards her, the Wolf Zord appears by his side, and forms the Wolf Savage Cycle.
After Merrick's attack, the Rangers finish the job with the Jungle Sword.
As she isflung back, Necronomica returns to her true self - Toxica.
She tells Jindrax how she used the power in Nayzor's crown to turn her into a general.
She then does what she does best, and turns Karaoke Org into a giant.
Predazord does his own pool attack, hitting the Armadillo into Karaoke Org, and destroying it.
Before Merrick can walk away, Taylor gives him a gift from the Princess - his very own Wild Force jacket.
  • Nice to see a biker gang drinking root beer.