The Tornado Spin - Power Rangers Wild Force

The Tornado Spin
Airdate: June 15, 2002

Toxica and Jindrax show off their new forms to Master Org by sparring.
While throwing out some old stuff, Danny finds out that Max won a bowling trophy.
Toxica and Jindrax find a new Org. He takes the form of Bowling Org.
The Rangers show up, but they get knocked away like bowling pins.
Max knows that the only way to beat this org is to learn the tornado spin, a move his old coach knew.
He finds his old coach Don mopping floors and asks him to teach him the spin. Don refuses to teach a quitter.
Max recalls the time when he was found by Alyssa and Taylor during an Org attack, and it was discovered that he was a Ranger.
With new responsibilities in Max's future, he had to give up his bowling career, breaking Don's heart.
Cole tries to convince Don to teach Max by offering the services of the others, which includes Danny shining his balls. Don still won't do it.
Max hits the lanes to practice to the point of exhaustion. His determination makes Don change his mind, and he teaches him the tornado spin.
Toxica and Jindrax take Bowling Org around town, looking for trouble.
Merrick appears, and unsuccessfully tries to counter the bowling attack with the Lunar Cue.
Max calls out Bowling Org, armed with Don's golden bowling ball.
He unleashes the tornado spin.
Bowling Org's ball breaks, and he is knocked off his feet.
The Rangers combine their attacks and take down Bowling Org.
Toxica turns him into a giant.
The Org bowls at theWild Force Megazord, knocking it apart into the Wild Zords.
Then he hits the Predazord, knocking him into pieces as well.
The Rangers combine all the Wild Zords who are undamaged, and a new combination is born - Wild Force Megazord Predator Mode.
They launch a mega sized version of the tornado spin, destroying Bowling Org.
The Rangers visit Don at the lanes, and are happy to find him teaching again.