Three's a Crowd
Airdate: June 29, 2002

The Rangers read about the latest exploits of Wedding Dress Org. Danny goes on a tirade about what a sacred thing love is.
Wedding Dress Org strikes again. He is kidnapping brides and holding them somewhere.
The Rangers track him to a church, but they lose him. They split up to search for him.
Danny stumbles into a bride's room, and finds his sweetheart, Kendall. Danny goes ga-ga.
Wedding Dress Org slips away to his hideout, where he is keeping the brides frozen as manequins.
The Rangers regroup at the Animarium. Danny is still goofy over Kendall. He decides to warn her about the Org.
When he gets to the flower shop, he finds thathe has competition, some snot nosed blueblood named Collin.
Late for a job, Kendall is given a ride by Collin, while Danny follows behind on Alyssa's bike.
The boys try to impress Kendall by doing all the work for her.
And wouldn't you know it, Wedding Dress Org shows up.
Danny holds off the Putrids while Kendall and Collin escape.
As the two leave, they see Danny morph and battle the Org.
The rest of the team arrives. They save the bride, but Wedding Dress Org escapes.
When Danny goes to visit Kendall in the hospital, Collin takes him outside and tells him he should forget about her, since he's too busy saving the world.
Danny reluctantly agrees, but gives Collin one last gift for Kendall, a homemade bracelet.
Meanwhile, the Rangers are back to fighting Wedding Dress Org.
A heartbroken Danny is fighting like a chump.
Until Kendall shows up. She urges him to fight, and shows him that she iswearing his bracelet.
A madman has been unleashed. Danny is unphased by the Org's attacks, and knocks him out.
Then he takes on every last Putrid, even the ones the other Rangers were fighting.
They focus their efforts back on Wedding Dress Org.
Merrick rides by, and is told to look for the missing brides.
A Savage Slash from the Jungle Sword takes down Wedding Dress Org. Danny catches the "bouquet".
Wedding Dress Org is revived and turned into a giant.
The Wild Force Megazord destroys him with a Pachyderm Crusher.
Merrick finds the brides, and restores their true form with the Lunar Cue. They give him some sugar.
Danny and Kendall talk, and decide that their relationship can never be, since he is a super hero.
"If someone told you I was an ordinary guy, they were wrong. With great power, comes great responsibility. It is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm the Black Ranger."