A Father's Footsteps
Airdate: July 06, 2002

A samurai outfit at a dojo comes to life as Samurai Org.
Alyssa shows off her fighting ability by beating up Danny and Max.
Then she shows what an overacheiver she is by making breakfast for the team as they read about her academic exploits in the paper.
She gets a phone call from dear old dad, who wants to meet her for dinner that night.
She spends the day studying, dancing, and just all around being perfect.
She recalls the day she told her dad she wanted to go to Turtle Cove University, leaving the school behind. He was not pleased to hear this.
Samurai Org begins blowing things up to get attention.
Whatcha gonna do when the Power Rangers run wild on you?
As Mr Enrile waits impatiently for Alyssa, he recalls the time he was training his daughter.
She wasn't able to catch a sword. He has a change of heart, and gives her his blessings to go to Turtle Cove.
The Rangers struggle to defeat Samurai Org. Alyssa strikes back.
Mr. Enrile saw some explosions, and decided to see what was going on.
He sees the White Ranger strike a pose, and recognizes her as Alyssa.
He's proud as punch when he sees her catch Samurai Org's sword.
Alyssa knocks Samurai Org out long enough for the Rangers to whip out the Jungle Sword.
Toxica makes Samurai Org grow, and he sends a full moon slash at the Kongazord.
Kongazord is badly hurt. Samurai Org moves in for the kill
Alyssa calls the Tiger, whoattacks Samurai Org.
This gives Kongazord enough time to get up and finish Samurai Org.
Alyssa finally meets up with her dad. He has to leave town, but first he tells her how proud he is of her.