The Wings Of Animaria
Airdate: July 20, 2002

Master Org finds Nayzor's crown, and has Toxica resurrect him.
Super Nayzor is born. The Rangers show up and the fight begins.
Everyone but Cole and Merrick is knocked out cold.
And Super Nayzor does a number on them too.
Animus intervenes, and teleports all of the Rangers away to safety.
While the other four recover, Merrick and Cole plan their next move.
They go down and continue fighting Super Nayzor, and get beat up again.
The wounded Rangers have an out of body experience.
In this dreamscape, a kid has them solve a puzzle to uncover a new Zord.
As the ground falls around them, they continue to workon the puzzle. They complete it as they fall.
Nayzor attacks Cole, but is blocked by a weapon that appears in Cole's hands.
It's the Falcon Summoner. Cole uses it on Nayzor and destroys him.
Jindrax and Toxica are angry now. They attack the two Rangers.
Toxica takes out Merrick early on in the battle.
Leaving Cole alone against the two Duke Orgs. They raise Cole up into the sky and drop him.
As he falls, his belt buckle glows. He detaches it and uses it to summon the Animarium Armor.
He becomes the Red Savage Warrior.
Cole flies up and defeats Toxica and Jindrax with a Falcon Blast.
The other Rangers are teleported back, safe and sound.
Master Org plants seeds into Nayzor's remains, making him grow.
Cole summons the Falcon Zord. He swoops in attacks Nayzor.
Then he combines with other Zords to form the Isis Megazord.
Nayzor and the Isis Megazord take to the skies for an awesome aerial battle.
Isis destroys Nayzor with a superkick to the Armadillo.
Toxica and Jindrax have been reverted back to normal by Cole's blast, and they leave to plot against Master Org.
The Rangers try to explain to Cole what happened, and how they came back, but they can't completely remember.