Reinforcements from the Future, Part 2 - Power Rangers Wild Force

Reinforcements from the Future, Part 2
Airdate: August 03, 2002

Back at the Animarium, Wes asks Jen why the heck she didn't get in touch with him while she was here.
They're interrupted by a transmission from Circuit, who tells them that the other Rangers are on the way.
They meet the Rangers by the beach, and are surprised to find that Ransik is with them. Cole reads his heart, and suggests that they trust him. They all go back to the Animarium, and Ransik tells them how the Mutorgs came to be.
In the future, he came across three Orgs entombed in stone. When he set them free, the Orgs copied his DNA to create bodies, making them Mutorgs. In exchange, they gave him the power to pull weapons from his body.
He is truly sorry for what he did, and offers to help. Jen accepts, and frees him from the shackles.
Master Org takes the Mutorgs to a power plant, which will be destroyed to pollute the environment.
The Rangers rush tothe plant. Trip works on shutting down the reactor.
Taylor, Katie, and Eric stake out the reactor, which is protected by Putrids.
Jen and Alyssa run into some Putrids as well, and take them out with guns.
Ransik, Nadira, Wes, and Cole encounter the Mutorgs.
The Mutorgs charge up an energy ball. Ransik runs straight into it and makes it blow up in their faces.
Ransik is hurt, but he successfully destroyed the mutant halves of the Mutorgs.
Trip shuts down the reactor, and gives Taylor the ok to destroy it.
The weakened Mutorgs try to make a run for it, but Merrick stops them.
Everyone else joins, and all 12 Rangers morph and attack.
Trip, Lucas, Danny, and Max fight one of the Mutorgs.
Jen and Alyssa take on another. Alyssa gives him a kick in mid air.
Katie and Taylor team up against agroup of Putrids.
Cole and Wes take on the third Mutorg.
Merrick and Eric use their firepower to wipe out another group of Putrids.
The Mutorgs are getting scared now.
The boys in red whip out their armors.
All of the Rangers shoot and blast the heck out of the Mutorgs.
They head back to Ransik, and find Nadira kneeling over him.
It's a miracle! Ransik's mutant half has also been destroyed!
The Rangers celebrate with a picnic, where Max shows his moves.
Lucas takes Nadira away to do who-knows-what.
Taylor and Eric flirt under a tree.
Katie beats Danny at arm wrestling.
Cole and Wes race for the girls.
  • Good for Ransik, it looks like his Venomarc bite was also cured.
  • Danny may have lost to Katie, but at least he never gave up.