The Master's Last Stand - Power Rangers Wild Force

The Master's Last Stand
Airdate: August 10, 2002

Master Org sits alone in the Nexus, and decides that if he is going down, the Rangers are going down with him.
After a long journey through the desert, Toxica and Jindrax find what they were looking for - an old Org tomb.
Alyssa joins a crowd gathered around a television, and listens to news of Viktor Adler, the long lost scientist who was just found.
When she tells Cole, he doesn't hesitate to go to the hospital to ask Adler what happened to his parents. Alyssa warns him that it may not be good news.
They walk into Viktor Adler's room. He stumbles towards Cole and gives him a big hug.
And then unleashes his tentacles, trapping all the Rangers.
Cole wakes up in an old laboratory andsees Viktor Adler, who reveals himself as Master Org.
The Rangers are behind Cole, all tied up and covered in slime, which will soon kill them.
Master Org tells Cole that he did the same thing to his parents. When Cole asks why, the story begins.
Elizabeth, Richard, and Viktor were three friends who sought to prove that Animaria once existed.
Viktor came to have feelings for Elizabeth, but Richard beat him to, becoming engaged to her.
Viktor's jealousy grew as Richard stole the spotlight from him in the press for the Animaria project.
They journeyed to the Amazon, hot on the trail of some evidence, where they find the remains of Master Org.
Viktor swallows the seeds, hoping for great power to get revenge on the Evans family.
He does indeed gain the power of Master Org, and hunts down and kills Richard and Elizabeth.
Still in shock over this revelation, Cole cannot fight back, so Master Org roughs him up.
Toxica and Jindrax enter the tomb. Toxica zaps one of the statues and revives the Org within.
After Danny tells Cole to never give up, Cole pulls himself together andfinally fights back.
He morphs and opens fire with the Lion Blaster. Master Org fires back.
Cole summons the Animarian Armor.
Merrick shows up, and Cole tells him to free the others.
Master Org fires a huge beam at Cole.
Cole absorbs it with the armor and shoots it right back at him.
The strain makes him demorph.
When Master Org recovers from the blast, he finds that his power is gone. He is just plain old Viktor Adler now.
He spits at Cole and taunts him to finish him off. But of course, Cole is better than that, and walks away.
Adler crawls through the desert, going who-knows-where, and finds his old pals Toxica and Jindrax.
They introduce him to their new leader, the General Org Mandilok, who throws Adler off a cliff.
Cole visits his parents' graves, and tells them that he is continuing their work, by protecting the Earth with the power of Animaria.
Left for dead, Viktor Adler undergoes a startling transformation, and awakens with an Org horn on his head.
  • Good old Merrick, always shows up just in time to.... free someone.