Unfinished Business - Power Rangers Wild Force

Unfinished Business
Airdate: September 14, 2002

Deep in the forest, the spirit of Zen-Aku emerges from the darkness.
Merrick spends some time learning new pool tricks from Willy.
His wolf sense calls him away, and he finds himself face to face with his worst nightmare.
He morphs and engages in an epic battle between good and evil.
Shayla calls the other Rangers and has them meet Merrick to help him out. When they arrive, Merrick tells them not to interfere in his fight.
Zen-Aku tells Merrick that he no longer needs a host to live in this world, but still desires to merge with Merrick for ultimate power.
Alyssa morphs and zips Merrick out of harm's way, and into the water.
The remaining four battle Zen-Aku, and get beaten up, just like old times.
Merrick yells at Alyssa, not wanting her help. She tries to talk to him but he rushes off.
He leaps towards Zen-Aku, and the two strike each other,sending them off a cliff, nowhere to be found.
Alyssa grabs Merrick's fallen wolf crystal, as she worries about him.
Zen-Aku sneaks up on Merrick as he tends to his wounds.
He evades Zen-Aku and morphs. The two continue their fight.
At the Animarium, the Wolf Zord calls out to the Rangers to follow him.
It's already morning, and Zen-Aku has bested Merrick.
The Wolf Savage Cycle speeds in and knocks back Zen-Aku.
The Rangers aren't far behind. They convince Merrick to work as a team.
As a team, they weaken Zen-Aku enough for Merrick to take him down.
When Zen-Aku grows into a giant, the Rangers call on the Wild Force Megazord and Predazord.
The Wild Force Megazord tries a final strike, but Zen-Aku catches it and hurls it back at them
Merrick uses the pool move Willy taught him, sending the Armadillo down and up towards Zen-Aku's face.
The Armadillo trashes Zen-Aku's face, knocking the horn right off his head.
A Revolver Phantom later, and Zen-Aku is toast.
The Rangers rejoice, and urge Merrick to join them at a party.
The Rangers throw a bash at the Animarium, but Merrick never shows.
He celebrates by racking 'em up with Willy at the Road House.