Airdate: September 14, 2002

Mandilok arrives at the Nexus. The first thing he does is revive a couple of useful Duke Orgs.
Cole saves a boy stealing food from a construction from getting beaten up by the surly foreman.
The boy, named Kite, kicks him and runs off. Before he can go after him, Cole is called away.
The Rangers meet Mandilok, who is chowing down on some debris.
His new Dukes, Artilla and Helicos, attack the Rangers.
They drop like sacks of potatoes.
Mandilok and the Dukes proceed to the contruction site, but Kite stops them from eating anything.
They open fire on Kite, but Cole races in and takes the blast, destroying his Savage Cycle.
The other Rangers catch up, and they all battle the three Orgs.
The Dukes collapse some debris on them, and leave.
Back at the Animarium, the Rangers devise a plan to ambush Mandilok and his Dukes.
The ambush goes pretty well, but the Orgs eventually gain the upper hand.
Shayla lures Kite out by waving around some spaghetti and a burger.
Unfortunately, it also lures Mandilok, who goes after Shayla.
Merrick follows him, and protects Kite, the Princess, and their spaghetti.
With the boss gone, the Rangers have no trouble defeating the Dukes.
Toxica makes the fallen Duke Orgs come back as giants.
The Rangers call the Zords, but they don't respond.
Kite takes Shayla and Merrick to the souce of the interference - the tomb of the ancient Wild Zords. Apparently the Zords are unhappy at having their shrines constructed on.
Shayla pleads with the Wild Zord spirits, and the skies clear, allowing the Wild Zords to be summoned, and the Isis Megazord to be formed.
Isis destroys the Dukes with a Final Strike attack.
The Rangersmove the shrine out of the city, and they pay respects to their fallen comrades.