The Flute
Airdate: September 21, 2002

Cole asks around to see if anyone has seen Kite.
Mandilok is having his breakfast, when he is interrupted by horrible music.
It's Shayla and Merrick performing for the Deer Zord.
At the same time, and Org spirit arises and plays his own flute.
Shayla thinks the terrible flute playing is Merrick. The two argue and split.
Flute Org goes to a playground and controls the kids, making them dance.
The Rangers show up and rescue the kids. Toxica and Jindrax stop by and take Flute Org back to the Nexus.
At the Nexus, Mandilok drains Jindrax and Toxica to give Flute Org more power to control adults.
Cole finds Kite, and the twon continue to bond. He is called away when Flute Org strikes.
The Rangers show up, and fall under the spell of Flute Org. The begin dancing like maniacs.
Merrick visits Shayla at the Animarium, and the two make up.
They head to the battle and counter Flute Org's spell with their own music.
But Mandilok shows up and blasts the couple, restoring the spell.
But then Deer Zord shows up, and sprinkles some magic dust on everyone, cancelling the spell again.
The Rangers form the Jungle Sword and take down Flute Org.
Toxica turns him into a giant. He floods the city with the sound of his flute.
The Rangers are floored by the sound, and cannot summon the Wild Zords.
When Kitesees that the Rangers are in trouble, he runs off.
A short while later, Animus shows up and destroys the flute with an bow and arrow attack.
This allows the Rangers to summon the Isis Megazord and destroy Flute Org with the Deer Clutch.
The Rangers ask Animus how it is possible for him to be alive, but he leaves without saying a word.
Before Merrick can leave, Shayla confirms their date the next morning.
  • Gosh, I wonder if Kite is Animus??