Team Carnival - Power Rangers Wild Force

Team Carnival
Airdate: September 21, 2002

Kite is once again caught stealing food. This time he is bailed out by Max.
After serving Mandilok a rusty muffler, Jindrax is called worthless. He takes it to heart and begins to doubt himself.
The Rangers wonder about Animus. If he has been reborn, where is he now?
As if on cue, Max walks in with Kite, much to Taylor's chagrin.
Jindrax decides to get back together with his brother Juggelo, so they can prove their worth together.
Taylor babysits Max and Kite. They walk around town to see if Kite can remember anything.
They con Taylor into taking them to the carnival.
They get her on a roller coaster, which makes her sick.
They even get her to play that gator whacking game.
Jindrax and Juggelo disguise themselves and tryto attack Taylor, but she unwittingly dodges the knives.
Team Carnival reveals itself. They kidnap Kite and confront the Rangers.
Taylor and Max fight back by swapping weapons.
Jindrax threatens Kite and makes the Rangers drop their weapons.
Unarmed, they get trashed by Juggelo.
The other Rangers show up, armed with new weapons, and attack Juggelo.
Taylor and Max save Kite from Jindrax. The kid flees to safety.
The Rangers combine their weapons into the Jungle Blaster and take down Juggelo.
Jindrax hates to have to do it, but he zaps Juggelo with the seeds and makes him grow large.
Juggelo is getting clobbered by the Wild Force Megazord.
Toxica shows up and tries to stop Jindrax from taking the seeds.
But Jindrax does what he must, and grows to fight alongside his brother.
The Predazord arrives on the scene to even up the score.
Jindrax looks on in horror as his brother is destroyed.
Before he can strike back, he burps, reverting him back to normal size.
Toxica consoles Jindrax. She tells him that he was brave to help his brother, and that he is not worthless.
Merrick meets Kite, and all are disturbed to find out that Kite finds him familiar.