Monitoring Earth - Power Rangers Wild Force

Monitoring Earth
Airdate: September 29, 2002

Mandilok watches Kite's actions from the last battle, and notices his power. He decides that he will do something with the boy.
On the Animarium, Kite has been watching Discovery Channel, and chews the Rangers out for not stopping pollution. He runs off in a huff.
He takes a walk along Turtle Cove's scenic beaches and takes in a few sights.
The Rangers look for Kite. Merrick tells them that he feels like he knows Kite from long ago.
Kite runs into Mandilok, who shows him more of the pollution the no-good humans have caused.
From the garbage in the dump, a new Org spirit arises - Monitor Org.
A few people checking out the PRC discussion board are sucked in through their mointors.
Then Monitor Org shows his evil eye at a stadium, sucking in the entire audience.
The Rangers arrive at the stadium, and find that everyone has been sucked into another dimension.
What's more surprising, they find Kite sided with the Orgs, who continues to chew them out for allowing pollution.
Monitor Org attacks Taylor, and the two go flying up into the sky, and then crashing down.
Monitor Org then blasts them, and sends cars flying all over.
One of the cars is hurled at Kite, but he stops it with one hand.
Merrick and Cole double team Monitor Org with their blasters.
All of the Rangers then take him down with the Savage Slash and the Lunar Break.
With Monitor Org defeated, all of the victims return from the monitor dimension.
Merrick fights off Toxica and Jindrax to try and reach Kite.
He tries to bring Kite back to their side, but he tosses Merrick away as if he were nothing.
Meanwhile, the Wild Force Megazord battles a newly grown Monitor Org.
After destroying the Org, a bug zips out and latches onto the Megazord, placing it under Mandilok's control.
Mandilok then convines Kite to reveal his true identity. Kite floats in the sky and reveals his true form - Animus.
Animus breaks the Megazord free, and continues to chew out the Rangers for allowing pollution, yadda yadda yadda..
He decides they he will help neither Org nor human, and takes away every last Wild Zord.
With the Wild Zords all gone, Princess Shayla falls back into her deep sleep.