The Master's Herald, Part 1 - Power Rangers Wild Force

The Master's Herald, Part 1
Airdate: October 19, 2002

A new Duke Org appears before Mandilok to help him. He is the ninja known as Onikage.
Onikage approaches Toxica and Jindrax with a plan to kidnap Princess Shayla.
Later that night, they don ninja outfits and sneak onto the Animarium.
Toxica touches the Sacred Water, and begins screaming in pain.
The Rangers wake up and drive off the intruders in their pajamas.
Onikage goes to a depressed Toxica with a new plan to redeem herself.
Five previously defeated Orgs return to cause trouble in Turtle Cove.
The Rangers head down to battle them, but cannot lay a finger on the ghosts.
Merrick arrives at the Animarium to protect the Princess, but she tells him that the Rangers need their help.
Merrick shows up at the battle, and keenly senses a power behindthe Org ghosts. He fires at an empty spot.
Onikage is revealed to be behind the Orgs. He retreats.
Merrick? Isn't he with the other Rangers?
Shayla calls the Rangers to protect her from the imposter.
The bogus Merrick reveals herself to be Toxica.
And the Princess reveals herself to be a skilled fighter, and strikes back.
As the Rangers rush to help the Princess, Jindrax stands in the way.
As Toxica and Shayla struggle, Toxica falls into the Sacred Water, and emerges writhing in pain.
But she is unharmed. Toxica hasremoved her horn, rendering her immune to the water's effect.
As the Rangers battle Jindrax and the Putrids, Onikage sends a bazooka blast, taking everyone out.
Toxica returns victorious, with the Princess in tow.
But she falls unconscious, weakened because of cutting her horn off, which Onikage tricked her into doing.
The Rangers show up with the Jungle Blaster, demanding the Princess returned to them.
They open fire on Mandilok, but he grabs Toxica and uses her as a shield, utterly destroying her.
Onikage uses ninja magic to grow into a giant.
The Rangers summon the Isis Megazord, but have trouble hitting the slippery ninja.
Merrick just won't fall for Onikage's ninja tricks. He finds the real Onikage and takes him out.
With Onikage down, the large sized projection disappears.
The Rangers regroup at the Animarium, and sulk at the loss of Shayla.