The Master's Herald, Part 2
Airdate: October 19, 2002

Jindrax mopes at the beach, upset over the loss of his best friend.
While Merrick mopes at not being able to protect the Princess.
A projection of Onikage tells the Rangers to come to the rock quarry if they want the Princess back.
The Rangers show up, but fall victim to Onikage's ultimate ninja magic trick.
Shadow Rangers are created, which mirror the Rangers own moves.
They fight back, but discover that any damage done to the shadows is duplicated onto themselves.
Everyone gasps in awe as the unthinkable happens - Master Org returns!
Mandilok attacks him, and finds that his Org horn is now real.
He turns to Onikage, only to discover that the tricky ninja has been working for Master Org the whole time.
Master Org unleashes a blast which destroys Mandilok.
When he turns his attention towards Jindrax and Shayla, Jindrax grabs the Princess and teleports away.
With the Princess gone, the Rangers regroup and retreat.
Shayla tries to appeal to the good in Jindrax, who begins to see that his bosses are not all that great.
The Rangers tend to their wounds by the river. Cole is in shock over the return of Master Org.
Speak of the devil - the Master has found them, and brought the Shadow Rangers along.
Meanwhile, Onikage has tracked down Jindrax, roughed him up, and left him for dead. He takes the Princess away.
The Rangers are getting brutalized by the Shadow Rangers.
Princess Shayla is handed over to Master Org.
Jindrax comes back, and denounces Onikage and Master Org as being rotten to the core.
Onikage proves him right by zapping him with the ninja shadow blast.
Jindrax holds up his mirror, deflecting the blast back at the ninja.
This creates a duplicate Onikage, which the original cannot defeat.
Cole sees an opportunity, and fires the Falcon Summoner at Onikage's shadow, destroying the real one.
Master Org revives Onikage as a giant. He opens a portal and pulls the Rangers into another dimension.
In this ghost world, the Rangers battle Onikage and other Org spirits.
Imprisoned at the Nexus, Shayla's tears form a ball of light which travels to the Animarium.
The light hits the Red Lion, making him increase in size.
The giant sized Lion combines with other Wild Zords to form the Pegasus Megazord.
The Pegasus flies into the sky and creates a portal into the ghost world.
He first takes out the Org spirits, and then he destroys Onikage.
The Pegasus brings the Rangers back to the real world.
The Rangers make a pledgeto never give up and get back the Princess.