Fishing For A Friend
Airdate: November 02, 2002

Master Org prepares the Nexus for a mysterious ceremony.
While mourning the loss of Toxica, Jindrax is contacted by her through his mirror.
She tells him that the power that killed her can bring her back.
Meanwhile, a new Org spirit arises at a train yard.
The Rangers are too demoralized to fight it, but Cole tells them that it's what the Princess would want.
Jindrax goes shopping for a fishing rod and some line to get Toxica back from the spirit world.
The Rangers arrive at the train yard and encounter Locomotive Org.
He totally demolishes the Rangers.
Jindrax waits nearby for the Rangers to use the Jungle Blaster so he can energize Toxica's horn, but with the Rangers losing, that won't happen.
So he does the unthinkable. He helps the Rangers by attacking Locomotive Org. He grabs a hold of him and tells the Rangers to fire.
They can't believe what is going on, and aren't sure whether to trust him or not.
Finally, they form the Jungle Blaster and open fire on the Org.
Jindrax intercepts the blast with the horn, energizing it. The blast then passes through and destroys Locomotive Org.
Not one to stay on the Rangers' side, Jindrax uses Toxica's staff and makes Locomotive Org grow into a giant.
The overgrown Org holds a grudge against Jindrax, and tries to stomp him.
The Rangers summon the Wild Force Megazord and the Predazord, but they are wrecked.
Then they summon the Kongazord, which also gets wrecked. The Rangers go flying out of their Zords.
With most of the Zords damaged, the Rangers can't form a Megazord. They don't know what to do now.
The Bison tells Danny that he is ok, and ready to fight.
This allows them to form the Isis Megazord Predator mode.
It flies towards the Org and gives him a Bison kick.
Then it finishes him off with the Wings of Animaria attack.
Jindrax has lowered the horn into the spirit world through the mirror. He finally gets a bite.
He successfully pulls Toxica out of the spirit world. The two best friends rejoice over their reunion.
Toxica tells Jindrax that it's time for a change. They have to start looking out for themselves now.
Back at the Nexus, Master Org yanks off Princess Shayla's necklace, which he will use in his ceremony.
  • As a friend pointed out, there were some sexual overtones in this episode which a feminist would have a field day dissecting. A female figure's horn (masculinity) is chopped off, "re-energized" by a male figure, who uses it to penetrate a mirror and rescue the female, who, by the way, moans as she grabs the phallic symbol.
  • That was great how Jindrax paid for the fishing gear with a credit card. Org Express - never leave the cave without it.