The End of the Power Rangers, Part 1
Airdate: November 16, 2002

The Rangers party like it's 1999, happy that the Org threat is over.
But they feel blue again when they realize their runs as Rangers are over.
The sacred waters explode. The biggest Org ever is on the loose.
The Rangers rush to the city, and find it covered in vines.
It's Master Org! The org heart has given him a new, more powerful form.
The Rangers morph.
The new Master Org wrecks the Wild Force Rangers.
Cole tries his Animarium Armor, but Master Org clips a wing.
Master Org uses the Nexus Blade and hits the Rangers.
While they're all on the ground, he grows into a giant.
The Rangers' old buddy Animus returns to fight Master Org, like old times.
Princess Shayla stops by to take the Rangers away.
Merrick refuses to go. Instead, he stays and summons his Zords.
Predazord joins Animus in battle, but they both get destroyed.
Merrick's animal crystals shatter, and his Lunar Caller disappears.
He crawls over to an unconscious Kite as Master Org closes in on them.
The Animarium flies by and smashes into Master Org.
Merrick and Kite are beamed up. Kite dies in Merrick's arms.
Master Org follows them onto the Animarium.
The Falcon is the first to attack, and is destroyed.
The other Zords join. Deer Zord paralyzes Master Org, giving Kongazord an opening.
Kongazord destroys Master Org's body, but the heart is still beating.
Master Org reforms his body, and destroys more Wild Zords.
He then stabs Kongazord, and hurls it into the sky, destroying it,
The Rangers are flung to the ground and watch in horror as more of their animal crystals shatter.
They call on the only Zords they have left, and form the Wild Force Megazord.
But Master Org destroys it too. Now all the Wild Zords are gone.
The Rangers' Growl Phones disappear. No Zords, no powers.
Master Org spears the ground, causing the Animarium to fall.
He heads over to the city to begin his reign of terror on the world.