The End of the Power Rangers, Part 2 - Power Rangers Wild Force

The End of the Power Rangers, Part 2
Airdate: November 16, 2002

The Animarium comes crashing down in its original spot on the lake.
The powerless Rangers head to the city to confront Master Org.
They are swarmed by Putrids, but they manage to hold their own.
Cole saves a boy with some shirtless vine swinging.
He then swings on a vine straight towards Master Org's face.
But he is swatted away like a fly.
The others catch up to him on a rooftop, and reaffirm their vows as guardians of the Earth.
Master Org isn't impressed. As he goes in for the kill, a light shines on him.
The sky brightens, and several Wild Zords emerge in orbs of light.
The Rangers' own Zords return to them, and restore their powers.
All the Wild Zords combine their powers, and destroy Master Org with an Ultra Roar.
The Rangers finish the job by destroying the Org heart with the Jungle Sword.
Merrick asks to join Princess Shayla on the Animarium, but she urges him to stay on Earth.
She collects the Rangers' Growl Phones and vests, and leaves to go back to sleep at the temple.
She raises the Animarium back into the sky as the citizens look on.
Some time later, Cole makes his peace with Dr. Adler, leaving a single flower by his grave. He uses his talents to help animals.
Taylor has rejoined the Air Force, and continues to fly with the Yellow Eagle every day.
Danny and Max embark on the "Never Give Up"tour, visiting places all over the globe.
Merrick leaves Turtle Cove and journeys around the world. He is joined on his adventures by an unlikely companion - Zen-Aku.
As the narrator wraps up the story, we see that it was a kindergarten teacher telling it to her students. That teacher is Alyssa.