Day Of The Dino, Part 1
Airdate: February 14, 2004

We find Tommy alone on an island, being chased by Tyrannodrones.
He outruns them and manages to escape the island before it sinks.
Years later, Dr. Oliver begins working at Reefside High as a high school science teacher. He meets the new principal, Ms. Randall.
As he begins class, he gets some grief from the resident busybody, school reporter Cassidy. Tommy notices a student is missing.
That student is Conner McKnight, soccer star, who is busted for truancy by Principal Randall.
Randall also busts musician Kira Ford for performing on school grounds without permission.
Finally, she rounds up high tech prankster Ethan James, and brings them all to detention with Dr. Oliver.
Instead of detention, Tommy takes the kids to the museum. He sends them off to find artifacts.
As Tommy notices that the museum is now run by Anton Mercer, he is confronted by a T-Rex.
In the woods, the kids fall into a sinkhole. Unsure of how to get out, the kids explore the caverns.
A car chase later, and the T-Rex is out cold, and revealed to be mechanical.
The kids stumble across some kind of high tech underground lair, and take some glowing gems from a stand.
As soon as they find their way out, they're attacked by Tyrannodrones. The kids discover that the gems have given them powers, and defeat the creatures using them.
Soon, everyone meets back up in the woods, and pretend as if nothing happened.
Back at school, a fed up Kira hands over her gem to the guys, only to be abducted by Tyrannodrones.
Conner and Ethan run to Dr. Oliver's house for help, only to find a secret entrance to the same lair.
Tommy finds the kids snooping, and is not pleased.
Meanwhile, Mesogog prepares to interrogate Kira.