Day Of The Dino, Part 2 - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Day Of The Dino, Part 2
Airdate: February 14, 2004

Ethan and Conner tell Dr. Oliver what happened with Kira, and they all leave to find her.
Kira is holding her own in Mesogog's fortress, as she gets into a tussle with henchwoman Elsa.
While evading Tyrannodrones, Kira finds a portal, and it sucks her in.
She lands right on top of the search party looking for her.
Unfortunately, Zeltrax and his crew are not far behind either.
Tommy and the gang fight and drive them off.
Mesogog orders that the Bio Zords be unleashed on the city, followed by an aerial strike by Zeltrax.
Three mechanical dinosaurs begin their rampage through the city streets.
Tommy brings the kids to his lair, and gives them morphers so that they may become Power Rangers and stop the Bio Zords.
The Rangers accept their roles as super heroes. They head down the city and morph into the Dino Thunder Rangers.
When Tyrannodrones attack, Tommy tells the Rangers to summon their power weapons.
Finally, they combine their weapons into the Z-Rex Blaster and hit Zeltrax with a shot.
Then they tame the Bio Zords, and combine them into the Thundersaurus Megazord.
They use the Megazord to destroy Zeltrax's ship.
Not taking defeat lightly, Mesogog tortures Elsa and Zeltrax with some mental mojo.
Tommy gives the kids bracelets which can access their morphers and allow them to communicate with each other. He also tells them that their lives will never be the same.