Wave Goodbye - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Wave Goodbye
Airdate: February 21, 2004

Ethan takes the others to his favorite hang out, Cyberspace, where they meet the owner Hayley.
Ethan and Tommy are attacked in the woods retrieving dino eggs.
The others join to help them. Conner is called away from soccer try-outs.
When he gets back, he finds out that he blew his chances of making it.
Back at the lair, he tells Tommy that he is going to quit being a Ranger. Soccer comes first.
Mesogog creates a new monster and sends him to the city.
Conner decides to fight one last time. The Rangers ride their new Raptor Riders, hatched from the eggs.
When Conner saves a little girl, he realizes what's important, and decides to keep being a Ranger.
The Rangers form the Z-Rex Blaster and destroy the monster.
The hydro-regenerator revives him as a giant.
The Rangers destroy him with the Thundersaurus Megazord.
As Tommy heads to Cyberspace to hear Kira sing, he is abducted by Tyrannodrones.