Legacy Of Power - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Legacy Of Power
Airdate: February 28, 2004

Mesogog interrogates Tommy to find out how to open a stone that contains a power within.
Worried about their teacher's whereabouts, the Rangers head to the lair and check his computer out.
They find a video diary chronicling his life as a Power Ranger.
Hayley walks in, and tells the kids that Tommy has been kidnapped.
As Hayley searches for an invisiportal into Mesogog's fortress, the kids continue watching Tommy's history with the Zeo and Turbo Rangers.
They also learn of other past Ranger teams like the Space Rangers, Galaxy Rangers, and Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.
Meanwhile, Tommy is in trouble as Mesogog threatens him with an anal probe.
As Hayley's search continues, the Rangers learn about the Time Force Rangers and the Wild Force Rangers.
Conner tells them to look up Ninja Storm, since his twin brother went to a ninja school.
The computer finally finds an invisiportal, and the Rangers are determined to save their teacher.