Back In Black - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Back In Black
Airdate: March 06, 2004

Hayley gives the Rangers Raptor Cycles to make it through the invisiportal.
The bad guys are onto them, and bring a monster to stop them from entering the portal.
They fight their way past the army and make it through the portal safely.
The Rangers find Tommy on the ship and free him.
It won't be so easy to get out. Mesogog himself stands in the way.
The Rangers fight their way back to the portal, and Tommy snags the stone.
Outside, Zeltrax blasts Tommy. He uses the stone to block, but seemingly is destroyed.
Moments later, he appears from nowhere. With the Black Dino Gem now in his possession, he has the power of invisibility.
He inserts the gem into the Brachio Morpher, and uses it to morph into the Black Ranger.
The Rangers form the Z-Rex Blaster and destroy the monster.
Tommy fights Zeltrax and sends him crying to his mommy. Meanwhile, the monster grows large.
With the Black Dino Gem activated, the Brachio Zord awakens. Hayley sends it with the other Dino Zords.
The Cephala Zord also came along for the ride, and destroys the monster by forming the Megazord's arm.
Back at Cyberspace, Tommy jokes about how he needs to purchase some black for his wardrobe.