Diva In Distress - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Diva In Distress
Airdate: March 13, 2004

Kira is bummed because no one listens to her sing. This sparks a conversation about how she knows famous pop star Kylee Styles.
To Tommy's surprise, Anton Mercer walks in. Tommy is shocked to learn that he is alive, and that he is Trent's father.
Conner and Kira go to a Kylee signing. Kylee is snotty towards her old friend.
The new Donkeyvac monster attacks, stealing people's youth.
He gets Kylee, and makes her old.
The boys morph and take him on.
Kira stays behind and consoles her old friend, reminding her of better times.
Zeltrax joins the battle, and fights his sworn enemy Tommy.
Kira finally joins the team, and they destroy Donkeyvac with the Z-Rex Blaster.
Donkeyvac takes the battle to a larger scale, and sucks the life out of the Megazord.
He is ultimately defeated by a tyranno tail drill to the gut.
With everyone's youth restored, Kylee and Kira team up for a duet.