Game On - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Game On
Airdate: March 20, 2004

Ethan obsesses a over a video game, and stays late at Cyberpsace.
Mesogog's new monster takes advantage of this and zaps Ethan into the video game.
In the game world, Ethan meets a strange wizard, and battles Triptoids.
While looking for Ethan, Kira gets sucked in too. They morph and fight the Triptoids together.
Conner battles the monster outside, and inadvertantly sets his teammates free.
The Triptoids also appear, and continue their battle in the real world.
Conner morphs, and the Rangers force the monster to retreat.
The Rangers are shocked to discover that the wizard has also entered our world.
When the monster attacks again, Conner and Tommy lead the assault.
The three teens finish it up with the Z-Rex Blaster.
When the monster grows large, they destroy it with the Megazord.
The Rangers say goodbye to the wizard when Hayley finds a way to transport him back home.