Golden Boy - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Golden Boy
Airdate: March 27, 2004

In trying to give himself an upgrade, Zeltrax accidentally creates a "son" - Goldenrod.
Anton Mercer visits his son at Cyberspace and chews him out for being a waiter.
Zeltrax sends Goldenrod to attack Tommy and Trent.
When the Rangers arrive, Goldenrod retreats with his father.
Hayley is pissed when she discovers her new landlord is Mercer. Not good news for the cafe.
When the Rangers go to City Hall to fight Mercer's purchase, they are greeted by Zeltrax and Goldenrod.
Trent protects the councilwoman they were there to see.
Goldenrod turns into a giant and attacks the city.
Tommy fights Zeltrax and makes him his bitch.
The Rangers struggle with Goldenrod in the Megazord.
Tommy steps in and destroys Goldenrod with only his Brachio Staff.
At Hayley's Cyberspace, the councilwoman halts Mercer's plans of taking it over.