White Thunder, Part 1 - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

White Thunder, Part 1
Airdate: April 17, 2004

At a hiding place in the woods, Elsa unleashes a mysterious energy source.
Anton Mercer suspiciously enters an invisiportal at his home office.
Trent follows his dad, and ends up in Mesogog's fortress, where the White Dino Gem attaches itself to his arm.
To lure out whoever stole the gem, Mesogog sends down a monster.
It works, as the White Ranger appears and destroys the monster.
He also takes down the Rangers, and leaves them with just a warning.
Of course, the Rangers don't listen, and battle the White Ranger again later on, getting defeated again.
Tommy arrives as back up, but even he is defeated by the awesome power of this new Ranger.
The defeated Rangers regroup, as the White Ranger once again leaves.
The White Ranger stumble down the street, and demorphs into a dazed and disoriented Trent.