White Thunder, Part 2 - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

White Thunder, Part 2
Airdate: April 24, 2004

As Kira and Conner track down a new dino egg, they are surprised to find it in possession of the White Ranger.
Hayley calls everyone back when a new monster attacks the city.
Kira and Conner leave a losing battle with the White Ranger to fight the monster.
Meanwhile, Tommy and Ethan have just found the newly hatched Parasaur Zord.
The Megazord is brought out to fight the monster.
Tommy searches for White Ranger and the other egg, but Zeltrax interferes.
The Parasaur Zord attaches to the Megazord, allowing it to defeat the monster.
Tommy doesn't reach the dino egg in time, and White Ranger hatches the Drago Zord.