Truth And Consequences - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Truth And Consequences
Airdate: May 08, 2004

The Rangers bring Tommy back to the lair, but Hayley is unable to free him from the amber.
The White Ranger resurfaces, and this time must battle Zeltrax and Elsa.
When the Rangers arrive, the bad guys split, leaving Ranger against Ranger.
Kira discovers her own Super Dino Power and takes Trent for a ride.
As Trent is about to knock Kira out, a part of him hesitates when he recognizes her.
The Rangers take advantage of his confusion and knock him out with their Super Dino modes.
Trent meets Kira by the lake and tells him that he is the White Ranger. She offers to help him.
After she leaves, Mesogog has Trent captured and brought to the fortress.
Trent morphs, escapes, and boards the Dino Stegozord to start causing trouble.
When the Ankylo Zord reveals himself, the two Megazords play tug of war over him.
Thundersaurus wins, and defeats Dino Stego by combining with Ankylo.
At the lake, Trent tells Kira that he is too dangerous, and must leave the city.