Leader Of The Whack - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Leader Of The Whack
Airdate: May 15, 2004

As Trent journeys away from the city, he sees a meteor crash into the woods.
The Rangers show up to investigate. The meteor may be Tommy's way out of the amber.
Not to be left out, Mesogog sends a wimpy monster to get the meteor.
As everyone fights, the meteor zaps them all with energy.
When Mesogog's monster returns, he is shocked to discover that the monster has gone from wimpy to aggressive.
Hayley finds that the Rangers' personalities have also changed, revealing hidden parts of themselves.
The monster shows up in the city, and the Rangers battle it.
They defeat it with their Super Dino Power.
The monster is turned into a giant.
Trent, turned good by the meteor's rays, helps the Rangers and destroys the monster.
The Rangers destroy the meteor, turning themselves back to normal. They take a piece back to base.
The energy from the fragment releases Tommy, but he now finds himself trapped in Ranger form.