Burning At Both Ends - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Burning At Both Ends
Airdate: May 22, 2004

Tommy has found himself stuck in his Ranger form, due to his Dino Gem fusing to his Dino Morpher.
Meanwhile, the White Ranger is attacking Reefside in the Dino Stegazord.
The Rangers show up in the Thundersaurus Megazord to stop him.
When they call upon the Cephalazord and Dimetrozord to assist them, the White Ranger captures them.
Later, Trent confronts Conner. It seems that the White Dino Gem is now in full control of Trent.
The Red Ranger and White Ranger face off against each other.
Zeltrax and Insectolite show up and blast Trent with an energy beam.
Trent is demorphed, and seems to be free from the Dino Gem's hold.
Meanwhile, Principal Randall confronts Kira and Ethan about Dr. Oliver's absence.
Trent convices the Rangers that he is reformed and will return their Dinozords to them.
But it seems that he is faking it, and is really plotting with Mesogog.
The meet Trent in abandoned warehouse for the exchange.
Trent offers the Black Dino ATV as a gift to the Power Rangers.
Unfortunately, the Dino ATV is rigged and begins to go heywire.
It appears that the White Ranger has a Dino ATV of his own.
The other Power Rangers must face off against Insectolite.
Meanwhile, the Black Ranger and White Ranger face off against each other on the Dino ATVs.
The Power Rangers race to get free the Dinozords before it's too late.
But the White Ranger has reprogrammed them.
The Cephalazord and Dimetrozord combine with the Dino Stegazord.
The Dino Stegazord nearly destroys the Thundersaurus Megazord.
But Insectolite returns and interferes in the battle between the two.
The Dino Stegazord destroys Insectolite. The White Ranger gets fed up and teleports away.
Mesogog fights an inevitable transformation..
Revealing that he is Anton Mercer.
Meanwhile, Trent is watching in secret.
  • Trent is fully controlled by the White Dino Gem and completely evil, as was forshadowed in "Truth and Consequences" by Mesogog.
  • Tommy makes a reference to his history with cars in Turbo by using his knowledge to trick Trent.
  • The Dino ATVs may have been created by Elsa, seeing as she was the one to create the Drago Dino Morpher.