The Missing Bone - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

The Missing Bone
Airdate: May 22, 2004

The Rangers agree that they must keep an eye on Trent.
Trent is watching them from against the school lockers.
Trent doesn't seem too threatened by the Rangers watching him.
Trent gets paged to meet with Principal Randall, who tries to get through to Trent, but he doesn't back down.
In class, Principal Randall introduceds Anton Mercer as the substitute teacher for Dr. Oliver.
The class isn't pleased with Dr. Mercer as their new teacher.
The Rangers argue that Anton shouldn't be watching other people's kids, when he can't take care of his own.
Anton tries to talk to Trent, but Trent won't listen to him.
Kira finds a bone in the Lab, but Tommy says it should be put away for safe keeping.
Meanwhile, at the Dinosaur Exhibit - at the museum..
Anton Mercer takes his class on a field trip.
Meanwhile, Kira stumbles upon Fossilador - a mind controlling fossil.
Kira is put under the Fossilador's evil control
Kira blows off the other Rangers at the Cyberspace.
She later tells Dr. Oliver that she has spotted a Dinozord egg in the forest.
Tommy goes off to investigate.
Meanwhile, Kira infiltrates the Dino Lab - and steals the missing bone.
Tommy returns to discover the bone is missing, and says that it was part of an experiment that was out of control.
The incomplete Thundersaurus Megazord must fight against Fossilador.
Kira comes to their rescue once she is free from the spell - with the aid of the Pterazord.
Meanwhile, Tommy faces off against Zeltrax and the Triptoids.
With instructions from Dr. Oliver, the Thundersaurus Megazord finally destroys Fossilador.
Kira wonders why the Fossilador was being stored in Anton Mercer's museum.
Anton Mercer searches for a way to free himself from Mesogog.
But the transformation is too powerful, and he is overcome by it.
After becoming Mesogog, he promises that his plan to bring back the era of the dinosaurs will soon come to pass.
  • Tommy and Anton created an mind controlling fossil, which became out of control. What purpose would they have had for something like this anyway?
  • During the Trent and Principal Randall confrontation, Trent is clearly aware of her true identity.
  • Anton Mercer and Mesogog seem to be struggling for control.