Lost and Found in Translation - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Lost and Found in Translation
Airdate: June 13, 2004

Conner and Kira find Ethan watching TV late at night at the Cyberspace.
They find a show about the Power Rangers that was made in Japan, but Conner insists its highly inaccurate.
The evil villains plot against the Power Rangers by bringing back and old hair style.
Conner is annoyed by the villains evil plan being bad hair.
Kenny, the Blue Ranger makes Mikey, the Black Ranger try his curry, and he gets sick.
The Power Rangers are alerted to an emergency downtown.
A monster named Ka-Ching shows up to wreak havoc on the city.
The Power Rangers show up to stop the monster.
The Power Rangers morph into action.
Ka-Ching has plans for the Rangers involving turning them into the Wig Rangers.
Conner thinks this is ridiculous and that they are making fun of them.
The Rangers are saved by Whacker Wilson, the famous American baseball player.
Whacker was in search of Kenny, who is a famous chiropracter.
After Kenny fixes his back, Whacker tries to convince him to use his talents to be rich, but he explains that being the Blue Ranger is what's important to him.
Conner is enraged at they're now making American sports heroes appear gullible and self centered.
Whacker Wilson tries to convince Kenny that money is the only thing that will make him happy.
And it appears that Whacker's not the only one being affected. The wigs are making everyone money hungry.
The Power Rangers face off against Ka-Ching's money attack.
The Black Ranger shows up to help and he brought giant piggy banks to catch the money with.
The Blue Ranger pitches his piggy bank to Whacker in hopes that he really does love baseball more than money.
Conner is actually starting to enjoy this.
The Power Rangers blast Ka-Ching with the Z-Rex Blaster.
The Rangers watch as Ka-Ching is destroyed by the Z-Rex Blaster.
Conner gets caught up in the excitement of the Power Rangers' victory.
Conner is inspired by the show to write his social studies paper on Japanese vs American culture.
The adventures of the Power Rangers continue in Japan.
  • The episode Conner, Ethan, and Kira were watching came from the Japanese show Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, which Power Rangers Dino Thunder was adapted from. It was Episode #10, "The Abare Leaguer is Paralyzed".
  • Kenny Yukito, the Blue Ranger was voiced by Jorgito Vargas the same actor that played Blake Bradley, the Navy Thunder Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Whacker Wilson is also voiced by the same actor that played him in the Japanese version.
  • In the beginning of the episode, when Ethan is watching TV, there is an image of the planet Onyx on the screen.