Tutenhawken's Curse - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Tutenhawken's Curse
Airdate: August 07, 2004

The Rangers are on a field trip for school, when Ethan takes an interest in ancient hieroglpyhics from the Pharoah Tutenhawken exhibit.
Ethan translates the heiroglyphics on his computer, and learns that there is a curse to whoever reads it.
Just then the ancient Tutenhawken awakens.
Ethan drops his new laptop and it explodes, containing all of his games, finals, etc.
Tutenhawken chooses Cassidy to be his queen.
Ethan experiences more bad luck as a car drives by, splashing mud at him.
Mesogog observes Tutenhawken, and sends the Tyrannodrones to attack Ethan.
Ethan fights off the Tyrannodrones.
In the process, he gets knocked into a box of smelly fish.
Cassidy declares herself as Queen Cassipatra.
Kira returns to the museum to find something to break the curse, but Tutenhawken is there to stop her.
Conner and Ethan inform Tommy about the curse.
He sends them to help Kira who is battling Tutenhawken, but he is too powerful for them.
The White Ranger comes to their rescue.
Ethan translates the new heiroglyphics to find that Tutenhawken must be defeated in the air.
Just then, Hayley presents to him the new Hovercraft Cycle, the fastest thing she has ever built.
Meanwhile, Cassidy decides to leave after Tutenhawken abuses Devin.
Tutenhawken and the Rangers engage in battle.
Elsa arrives and teams up with Tutenhawken.
Just then, the Blue Ranger arrives on the Hovercraft Cycle.
First, he battles against Elsa.
Then he takes to the sky and destroys Tutenhawken over the waters.
After Mesogog makes Tutenhawken grow, the Rangers activate the Mezodon Rover.
The Mezodon Rover destroys Tutenhawken once and for all.
Meanwhile, the White Ranger is victorious in his battle with Elsa.
Later at the Cyberspace, Cassidy appoligizes to Ethan for being a snob.
  • The Pharoah Tutenhawken was a feared leader, who was believed to have mystical powers. The legend is that Tutenhawken was able to put hexes on his enememies. The heiroglyphics traslate to: "To the defilers of my tomb, I now bestow a eternal doom. Woe to you who read this first, upon you is a curse." The second round of heiroglyphics that Kira gathers from the museum traslates to: "Tutenhawken's power cannot be matched on Earth, but only in the sky can you break the pharoah's curse."
  • Mesogog is able to use the Hydro Regenerator to make Tutenhawken grow, even though he's not one of his mutants.
  • Tommy refers to his past by saying, "If there's anything I've learned from being a Ranger is that anything is possible."
  • The White Ranger in Super Dino Mode is easily defeated by Elsa. This must be due to the power struggle between himself and the clone.