Thunder Storm, Part 1 - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Thunder Storm, Part 1
Airdate: October 02, 2004

After almost a year, Lothor finally manages to escape the Abyss of Evil.
Meanwhile at the Cyberspace, Kira recognizes Blake from somewhere and he gives her tickets to see his race.
After beating their students, Shane, Tori, and Dustin find a message from Sensei telling them where to meet him.
At the Dino Lab, Hayley detects a blanket of evil covering the entire state; originating from Blue Bay Harbor.
The Ninjas meet with Sensei to discover that Lothor has returned. When he gives them new Morphers, they are put under an evil spell.
It turns out to Lothor who has captured Sensei and now plans to use the Wind Rangers for his evil plan.
At the Wind Ninja Academy, Cam is worried about Sensei. Kapri and Marah continue to be pests.
Meanwhile, Conner, Ethan, and Kira watch Blake win his motocross race.
Cam is looking for Sensei and the others when he discovers a slime that was at the Abyss of Evil.
Lothor shows up with some new friends he made in the Abyss to take on the Wind Ninja Academy.
The Wind Ninjas stand up to Lothor, but don't pose much threat.
Dustin, Shane, and Tori show up on the scene to reveal they're allegience to Lothor.
Dustin, Shane, and Tori morph into the Wind Rangers and begin attacking the Wind Ninja Academy.
The Wind Ninjas don't stand a chance against the Wind Power Rangers.
Lothor bottles up the Wind Ninja Students.
Marah and Kapri promise to use their new ninja skills to help Lothor in hopes that he spares them.
Cam returns to the Wind Ninja Academy to find it's been attacked.
Cam calls up Hunter at the Thunder Ninja Academy to get his help.
The Dino Rangers watch as the Wind Rangers and Lothor's forces attack Reefside.
Conner, Ethan, and Kira go out to challenge the Wind Rangers, but with the help of Lothor's forces, the Wind Rangers kick their butts.
Cam, Hunter, and Blake watch the fight from above.
They watch as the Wind Rangers beat the Dino Rangers. The Dino Rangers decide to regroup.
Mesogog is intrigued by these evil Power Rangers and when he recognizes the Kelzaks, he sends Elsa to find Lothor.
Conner wants to destroy the Wind Rangers with the Dinozords, but Tommy insists they must find another way as they were once heroes who fought for good.
At Lothor's new hideout, he gets an unsuspected visitor.
Elsa has come to deliver a message to Lothor from Mesogog.
  • Lothor manages to escape the Abyss of Evil. He must have been so powerful that it couldn't contain him forever.
  • Lothor uses his identical looks to Sensei to trick the Wind Rangers. This is probably how he fooled Hunter and Blake during Ninja Storm.
  • Lothor's bodyguards must have been famous in Japan, because they were in the Japanese TV Show that was based on the adventures of the Power Rangers. Either that or a Japanese producer has access to the Morphing Grid.
  • Tommy, Trent, Cam, Hunter, and Blake do not appear morphed in this episode.
  • The attack of Lothor and his henchman and the Wind Rangers on the Wind Ninja Academy was one of the best scenes I've seen on Power Rangers.