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Thunder Storm, Part 2
Airdate: October 09, 2004

Hunter, Cam, and Blake enter the Abyss of Evil in search of their powers.
Meanwhile, Mesogog is impressed with the evil Power Rangers and offers an alliance with Lothor.
Blake, Cam, and Hunter arrive down in the Abyss of Evil.
The Samurai Amulet is being guarded by Zurgane and his troops.
The Wind Rangers show up at the Cyberspace to challenge the Dino Rangers.
The two teams face off, but Conner insists they meet somewhere else. Shane suggests the Hubble Bridge.
Cam reaches for the Samurai Amulet.
Zurgane blasts Hunter and Blake over a ledge and Cam runs to their rescue.
Cam is losing his grip, when someone shows up to help.
The Wind Rangers show up to give the Dino Rangers a beating, but the Dino Rangers put up quite a fight.
Hunter, Cam, and Blake join their comrads against in battle.
They trick them into taking the right Power Discs, which reverses Lothor's spell.
Back at the Dino Lab, the Rangers explain that Sensei came to their rescue just in time. All the Rangers are ready to take down Lothor and Mesogog.
Tommy and Sensei remind them that this won't be easy and they will have to try their best.
Elsa and Zurgane lead Mesogog and Lothor's forces into battle against the Power Rangers.
The Power Rangers are ready for them and unite together and morph into action.
All 11 Power Rangers unite together and prepare for battle.
The Black Ranger and the Thunder Rangers fight together to destroy Zurgane.
The Green Ranger and White Ranger team up against the Wolfblades.
The Triassic Ranger and the Red Ranger both use their Battlizers to destroy Lothor's bodyguards.
The Rangers are celebrating their victory when Marah and Kapri show up on the scene to release the captured Ninja students.
Mesogog is furious at Lothor's failure and the two of them face off in an intense battle.
Mesogog overpowers Lothor and imprisons him with his mind warping ability.
Mesogog imprisons him in a containment jar and collects him as a trophy for his victory.
All the Power Rangers gather together and celebrate their victory over Lothor. Unfortunately, the Power Discs had just enough power for one last morph.
The other Rangers gather together to watch Blake win his race and the trophy.
  • In this episode, many villains show up at the Abyss of Evil - including Zurgane, Elsa, Blue Face, Bald Loser, the Wolfblades, General Trayf, Chin Dragon, the Kelzaks, the Tyrannodrones, and the Triptoids.
  • Cam, the Green Ranger and Trent, the White Ranger teaming up reminds me of when the Green Ranger and White Ranger fought together in "Return of the Green Ranger".
  • Tommy and the Thunder Rangers teamup together. Nice how they were both evil at some point.
  • Great fight scenes this teamup from the unmorphed battle under the bridge to the 11 Power Ranger battle at the Abyss of Evil. Mesogog and Lothor had excellent chemistry working together. Their fight at the end was an awesome way to wrap things up after the last battle.
  • It was great the little nod they did about Marah and Cassidy's identical appearence and the fact that both characters are played by Katrina Devine at the end.