In Your Dreams - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

In Your Dreams
Airdate: October 16, 2004

Anton has nightmares about being Mesogog and all of the evil deeds he has done.
Anton wakes up and swears that he must put an end to this.
Mesogog is also troubled by Anton's existence, which is draining him. This gives Elsa an idea to attack the Rangers in their dreams.
At the Cyberspace, the Rangers are exhausted from doing homework, but Tommy convinces them to go home and get some rest. Trent decides to stay and work longer.
Elsa monitors the Rangers as they sleep and causes what they dream about to turn into a monster.
The Black Ranger faces off against the Squidrose; created from the calamari Tommy had for dinner.
The Black Ranger takes down Squidrose just in time for the Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers to show up.
They form the Thundersaurus Megazord and destroy the monster.
After doing a report on reptiles, Kira dreams of Croco D'Ville who thinks he's in love with her.
The Red and Blue Rangers show up and help her get rid of him.
Ethan dreams about Rumba Monkey; created from the picture by his bed.
The Blue Ranger applauds the Rumba Monkey's attempt at defeating his friends.
Four of the Power Rangers unite together and form the Z-Rex Blaster to destroy the Rumba Monkey.
After growing from the Hydro Regenerator, Rumba Monkey is taken down by the Thundersaurus Megazord.
The Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers are taken down in Conner's dream.
After being asked by his mother to do early Christmas shopping, Conner dreams about Rude Elf.
When Tommy, Ethan, and Kira wake up, they figure out what's going on and lend Conner power from their Dino Gems.
Conner uses this power in his dream to become the Triassic Ranger.
The Triassic Ranger takes on Rude Elf in his special Christmas Triassic Dimension.
The Rangers form the Mezodon Megazord to take on a giant Rude Elf, but they are captured in his bag of gifts.
The Black Ranger summons the Brachiozord to stop him.
The Black Ranger fires an energy orb from his Brachio Staff; releasing the other Rangers.
The other Rangers form the Triceramax Megazord to destroy the Rude Elf once and for all.
Mesogog is not happy with Elsa's failure, and tells her, "Welcome to your nightmare!"
The Rangers take it easy after a long night of dreaming.
And Trent finally gets some sleep on the couch of the Cyberspace.
  • The Rangers' dreams use footage of battles that are so ridiculous, they could only work as dreams. Be thankful they didn't use anymore footage from the episode that Rumba Monkey was adapted from.
  • It shows how much the other Rangers think of Trent, since he didn't appear in either one of their dreams.
  • Tommy's dream is inspired by the calamari that he had for dinner, which was revealed in a previous season to be Tommy's favorite food. "Aw man! I knew I shouldn't have had that calamari for dinner."