Thunder Struck, Part 1
Airdate: November 13, 2004

Mesogog tortures Anton Mercer as he prepares to unleash his master plan.
He activates a powerful cannon that is designed to transform all humans into dinosaurs.
Meanwhile, Trent observes all of this in secret to get information on Mesogog's plan for Tommy and Hayley.
Meanwhile, the other Rangers talk about the prom. Conner goes through his list of potential dates, while Ethan doesn't plan to go and Kira doesn't seem to concerned.
Meanwhile, Devin plans to ask Cassidy to the prom, but Cassidy informs them that they have to find the identities of the Power Rangers right away or they're fired.
Mesogog needs an incredible amount of energy to power his cannon, which is why plans to get the Dino Gems, but ensures he has enough by draining the power that he gave Elsa.
Trent confronts Mesogog about releasing his father and promises to get him the Dino Gems for an exchange.
Elsa finds herself on top of a building, but is soon found by Zeltrax who is seeking his ultimate revenge.
Ethan is in line to get tickets for Asteroid Conquest 2 when he called into action. As he runs off, he doesn't realize that someone is listening.
The Rangers rush to stop Zeltrax who they spotted going after a woman they don't realize is Elsa.
As the Rangers morph into action, Devin who was in the alien costume has followed Ethan and is filming the entire thing.
The Triassic Ranger activates the Battlizer and takes down Zeltrax, but he escapes before the blast.
Meanwhile, Tommy rushes in to save the woman and discovers that she is Elsa is now free from her brainwashing.
As the Rangers rush Elsa back to the Dino Lab, Zeltrax follows them and discovers their secret location.
Trent informs the other Rangers of Mesogog's plan and says giving him the Dino Gems is the only chance that they have of getting in to stop him.
As Trent goes to open an invisiportal, Hayley presents the Triceramx Command Center - an armed vehicle designed to take down Mesogog's Island Fortress.
Trent confronts Mesogog and demands that he release his father, but Mesogog can't be trusted and sends Trent to the floor with his mind rape.
Trent is able to open the invisiportal just in time for the other Rangers to make it through.
The Rangers and Hayley arrive on the island, and are confronted by the Tyrannodrones. The Rangers take them on as Hayley goes after the cannon.
As the Triceramax heads to take down the cannon with its laser, the Tyrannodrones interfere with the beam, but Conner comes to the rescue.
Hayley uses the Triceramax Command Center's laser to destroy the cannon and inflict heavy damage upon the Island Fortress.
Mesogog gets caught in the collapse of the Island Fortress as his machine overloads.
Trent retrieves the Dino Gems and rescues his father
The Rangers have no time to wait for Trent and have to hope he finds his own way out.
Trent and Anton Mercer make it out just in time with the Dino Gems intact.
Meanwhile, Zeltrax invades the Dino Lab and kidnaps Elsa, leaving the Lab in ruins.
  • This is the only episode that includes the Tricermax Command Center which was designed specifically for the purpose of taking down Mesogog's Island Fortress.
  • The unmorphed fight on the island was an extremely well choreographed fight.
  • Trent has finally gotten some focus within the last few episodes and it's good to see him play a key role in taking down Mesogog.
  • Elsa reveals that she was under Mesogog's control. Most likely the work of her cybernetic programing. In "Ocean Alert", Mesogog tried to do the same thing to Nikki Valentina.
  • Mesogog seems to have absorbed most of what power was left of the Dino Gems.