Beginnings, Part 1
Airdate: February 05, 2005

Emperor Gruumm is stripping the planet Alandria of its resources.
With his mission complete, Emperor Gruumm destroys the planet Alandria.
Emperor Gruumm delights over another conquest.
It is the not so distant future..
Humans and aliens from other worlds have begun to live in peace.
However, one percent of these aliens come here to exhibit criminal behavior.
They must be brought in by the Space Patrol Delta - an elite fighting force.
Dr. Katherine Manx and her trusty assitant Boom debrief the cadets from their training mission.
The training of these cadets take place at Mobile Command.
Commander Anubis Cruger is alerted to the situation.
He calls upon the A Squad Power Rangers - the Earth's protectors.
Bridge uses his psychic abilities on the Power Rangers.
He senses something is not right with the Squad.
The B Squad is sent to deal with the Parkington Market thieves.
It appears they are not the only ones with special abilities. Z can make holographic copies of herself.
Jack is able to remolecularize and pass through solid objects.
Although they are criminals, it turns out that they are giving this stuff to the poor.
Sky tells Cruger that he wants to be the Red Ranger just like his father - "the best of the best of Rangers".
Meanwhile, Emperor Gruumm tries to find a way through a wormhole in order to get to Earth.
Gruumm sends his imperial guard to capture the proton accelerator to complete the task.
Meanwhile, an alien gives Jack a device - claiming that the safety of the world is at stake.
Kat introduces B Squad - their new Delta Morphers, which can detect whether a suspect is guilty or innocent.
A guilty suspect is dititally transformed into a card, safe for transportation.
The new Rangers return to deal with the suspects again.
The B Squad Rangers attempt to arrest the Jack and Z.
They are interupted by the Krybots on a mission to find the proton accelerator. They are vastly outnumbered.
  • S.P.D. stands for Space Patrol Delta.
  • The A Squad Power Rangers have modified versions of the Space Rangers helmets, with a Green Ranger in place of Black.
  • Sky mentions that his father was the Red Ranger, and Anubis responds by saying that he was the best of the best of Rangers. Could they be talking about Jason or Tommy? Sky's last name is Tate, but he could've been adopted.