Beginnings, Part 2
Airdate: February 05, 2005

B Squad uses their Delta Morphers to morph by shouting, "S.P.D. Emergency!"
They are transformed into the S.P.D. Power Rangers. Sky is disappointed that he is the Blue Ranger.
Jack and Z give the Power Rangers some help against the Krybots.
Even though they helped out, Sky puts them under arrest.
Commander Cruger arrives and tells Sky to stand down.
Jack and Z are put into prison, but Cruger offers them a chance to be a part of something bigger.
The Rangers and cadets trains outside Mobile Command.
Cruger tells the Rangers that Z has decided to join the team, due to the potential she showed in battle.
Sky and the other Rangers are not too happy about this, but Cruger orders them to treat her like one of the team.
Z tries to convince Jack to join the team as well, but he makes it clear he doesn't want any part of it.
The B Squad Rangers are sent to clean up the mess caused by the A Squad Rangers battle against a giant robot.
Meanwhile, Jack breaks out of jail to find one of Boom's experiments caught on fire.
Z tells the other Rangers of the proton accelerator given to Jack; and they take it to Piggy - an informant.
However, the Krybots are after the accelerator as well.
The four Power Rangers fight against them, but are outnumbered.
Jack is entrusted by Cruger with a Delta Morpher, and uses it to morph.
He becomes the Red Ranger, much to Sky's dismay.
Jack, the Red Ranger uses the Delta Blaster to finish the bluehead Krybot.
But their troubles are just beginning, as the mysterious Broodwing activates a giant robot to finish the job.
The giant robot attacks the Power Rangers, and Sky requests the Delta Runners for backup.
However, the A Squad Rangers are sent instead to pilot the Delta Runners.
The A Squad Rangers form the Delta Squad Megazord to destroy the Troobian robot.
Gruumm retrieves the proton accelerator from Piggy, and uses it to move through the wormhole.
Commander Cruger congradulates the B Squad Power Rangers on a job well done, but they have a long way to go.
Jack and Z have to pay off their debt to society by washing all the windows of Mobile Command.
Unknown to them, Broodwing is watching and their troubles are just beginning.
  • In the scene where the Rangers are training at the academy, you can see an Aquitian in the background.
  • Mobile Command has 1,273 windows.
  • This is the first series since Lightspeed Rescue that the Rangers don't have secret identities.