Airdate: April 09, 2005

Sinuku is broken out of KO-35's satellite prison by the Krybots.
In their freetime, the Rangers are playing a video game.
Sydney comes into announce her birthday.
Commander Cruger informs the Rangers of Sinuku's escape, and that he will be in search of Dr. Rheas.
Jack picks Sydney to work with him on a stakeout, despite it being her birthday. She is not happy at all.
Jack checks out Dr. Rheas, the person they're protecting, and comments on how pretty she is.
Meanwhile, the other Rangers encounter Sinuki and a fleet of Krybots.
The Rangers activate their Delta Morphers: "S.P.D. Emergency!"
The Rangers fight off the Krybots, but Sinuku escapes.
Broodwing demands that Sinuku finish the job he was broken out of prison for, and he presents the demagnetons.
If the day wasn't bad enough for Syd as it is, Piggy shows up looking for food.
Jack decides to go for a walk, and ends up chasing a theif who steals Dr. Rheas' briefcase.
Jack confronts the thief, and it turns out to be a Krybot.
Sydney watches as Dr. Rheas thanks Jack with a hug.
When Jack returns, Sydney is pissed, and accuses Jack of blowing their cover to get close to Dr. Rheas.
The Rangers are alerted to Sinuku's giant robot attack.
The Rangers form the Delta Squad Megazord, but Sinuku uses holograms to escape the fight.
With the Rangers busy, Sinuku kidnaps Dr. Rheas and forces her to tell him the loation of an activator.
Jack shows up to put a stop to Sinuku's psychotic plan.
The Red Ranger rescues Dr. Rheas from Sinuku's grasp.
The other Rangers show up to assist their comrad.
They form the Delta Squad Megazord, when Sinuku activates his giant robot.
It's Judgement Time! Sinuku is found guilty.
The Power Rangers use the Canine Cannon to contain Sinuku.
Sydney goes for a walk in the park.
Her friends at S.P.D. surprise her with a birthday party.
  • Sinuku escapes from KO-35's satellite prison, which is obviously not orbiting KO-35, unless it's changed colors and gained a ring around it since 1998.
  • The video game that Jack and Sky are playing includes police officer vetran, the Blue Senturion and Cyclopter, a demon from Lightspeed Rescue. It makes sense that the Blue Senturion would be part of an organization like S.P.D., and Lightspeed, which most likely evolves into S.P.D. would have records on Cyclopter.
  • Jack mentions that he doesn't know when his birthday is, so he is now sharing Sydney's birthday.