Shadow, Part 1 - Power Rangers S.P.D.

Shadow, Part 1
Airdate: April 16, 2005

Doggie has a nightmare about his planet being attacked by Emperor Gruumm.
Kat tries to comfort Doggie after his nightmare.
The Red Ranger must go up against an Orangehead Krybot.
While the other Rangers take down one of Mora's alien monsters in the Delta Runners.
Gruumm confronts Mora of her failure, and she suggests taking down Commander Cruger.
The Rangers are laughing in the Command Center, when Doggie takes offense and throws them out.
Broodwing demands Piggy to pay him the money he owes him.
When Broodwing throws him in the trash, Piggy finds a winning lottery ticket.
Emperor Gruumm makes his arrival on Earth to see it for himself.
To blend in, he takes on human form.
Piggy has bought a new resturant with his new fortune.
Gruumm arrives to tell Broodwing to expect one of his top generals.
Kat detects a cloaked energy signal, and Cruger sends the Rangers to find it.
Broodwing meets with General Banaag.
General Benaag confronts the Rangers while they're at Piggy's looking for information.
He gives them some sort of communication device.
Back at the Delta Base, General Benaag invites Doggie to do battle with him. Doggie refuses.
Doggie reveals that his home planet of Sirius had the first S.P.D. until it was attacked.
Emperor Gruumm lead the attack of the Troobian Empire on Sirius. Doggie was the only survivor of his species.
Kat has made something for Doggie, but he tells her to mind her own business and leave.
Meanwhile, a giant robot places spikes throughout Newtech City.
The Rangers are unable to stop it, but are about to pull the spikes from the ground.
Commander Cruger stops them, and insists that he is the only one that knows the enemy that they're dealing with.
When Kat leaves the Delta Base, she is ambushed by Krybots.
She is rescued by RIC, but General Benaag shows up, and proves to be too much for them.
Kat screams as RIC takes heavy damage from Benaag.
  • Doggie's homeworld of Sirius is attacked by Emperor Gruumm with the assistance of General Benaag, barely leaving Doggie as the only survivor. Once Gruumm is done stripping the planet of its resources, he most likely destroyed it, like he did with Alandia in "Beginnings".
  • Gruumm's human form was played by Rene Naufahu, the actor in the suit of Emperor Gruumm.
  • Kat pulls off some amazing fighting moves against the Krybots.