Shadow, Part 2 - Power Rangers S.P.D.

Shadow, Part 2
Airdate: April 23, 2005

Doggie tells the Rangers that a team shares no secrets, and reveals the most important part of his story.
When Doggie faught the battle on Sirius, Benaag captured his wife Aisynia, and Doggie couldn't save her in time.
Boom explains what the energy spikes are used for. They must stop the last spike before it is placed.
R.I.C. shows up after taking heavy damage, with another message from Benaag.
Benaag has captured Kat, and challenges Doggie to a battle, but Kat tries and warns him that it's a trap.
Doggie sends the Rangers to deal with the spikes, but Jack challenges his orders by suggesting that some of them go after Kat instead.
Doggie demands that they follow orders and go stop the placement of the last spike.
Doggie takes his Shadow Saber and goes off to face Benaag himself.
He then takes the present that Kat made for him.
The Power Rangers take the Delta Squad Megazord into battle against a giant robot, and start off on the wrong foot.
Doggie arrives on the scene and calls Benaag out.
Benaag tells Doggie that he will fight him if he is able to defeat 100 Krybots first.
Doggie pulls out the Patrol Morpher that Kat made for him, and calls, "S.P.D. Emergency!"
He morphs into the Shadow Ranger, sworn defender of the galaxy.
The Shadow Ranger defeats 100 Krybots with the Shadow Saber.
Meanwhile, Kat tries to escape before she disintergrates from the device Benaag attached to her.
The Shadow Ranger challenges Benaag to battle.
Benaag fires a powerful laser blast, but the Shadow Ranger reflects it with the Shadow Saber.
He reflects the laser blast at the energy field surrounding Kat, and the blast frees her.
Meanwhile the other Rangers gather their strength together and the Delta Squad Megazord destroys the robot.
The Shadow Ranger becomes fed up with General Benaag.
The Shadow Ranger calls for "Judgement Time!" Benaag is guilty of many crimes, but strangely is innocent of killing Aisynia.
Although baffling, there is enough information to put Benaag away for life. The Shadow Ranger finishes the job.
Shadow Ranger rescues Kat and carries her to safety.
Meanwhile, Gruumm talks to someone who seems to have some power over him. Someone that is the only thing that Gruumm fears.
Later on at Piggy's, Doggie and his comrads celebrate their victory with a toast.
  • This is the first time we've had a Power Ranger that doesn't at least appear human. Doggie transforming into the Shadow Ranger was certainly noteworthy.
  • What was that battle cry? That was really out there.
  • Emperor Gruumm seems to fear someone that in charge of him. He was refered to in a previous episode as the Magnificence.