Wired, Part 2 - Power Rangers S.P.D.

Wired, Part 2
Airdate: May 14, 2005

The Rangers report to Commander Cruger that they expelled Sophie. Doggie orders them to bring her back immediately.
The Rangers hit Piggy up for some information, but he just gives them a speech about his patrons seeing them as the monsters.
Valko tracks Sophie down to Piggy's place and captured her for his evil purposes.
Valko ties Sophie into Goradon's systems to gain control of the monster.
Bridge remembers Valko was looking for a Series One Processor Hyper Intelligent Encrypter and connects it to Sophie.
The Rangers bargain with Piggy to find out where Valko is holding Sophie.
Valko greets the Rangers upon their arrival with a fight.
The Green Ranger judges Valko for serious crimes.
The Power Rangers activate R.I.C. the Canine Cannon.
But Valko uses a device of his own to teleport him away.
Kat alerts the Rangers that Goradon has errupted in the city.
The Rangers form the Delta Squad Megazord to battle against the giant Goradon, but are no match.
Sophie escapes, but Valko catches up to her. She uses a high pitch to call for help.
Commander Cruger shows up to defend Sophie and take Valko in.
The Shadow Ranger contains Valko.
Goradon is trashing the Delta Squad Megazord.
Kat brings the Delta Command online to help.
Back at Delta Base, Sophie insists that she can bring phase two of the D.B.D.S. online with her program. The Rangers agree to trust her.
As the D.B.D.S. phase 2 comes online, everyone rushes to the safety zone.
The Delta Base is transformed into the Delta Command Megazord.
All six Power Rangers unite together inside the cockpit of the Delta Command Megazord.
The Delta Command Megazord uses its vast fire power to bring down and destroy Goradon.
The Delta Command Megazord poses victoriously as the Rangers celebrate.
Sophie has been commissioned to help S.P.D. in the Theta Quadrant to overhault their systems. Sky apoligizes again for being a jerk.
Gruumm is fed up with Mora's failures and follows through on his promise to take away her gift.
Gruumm transforms Mora into Morgana, which apparently is her true form. She is not happy with this development however.
  • You can tell this episode was written by two different people, because they don't seem to be able to come to an agreement on the difference between a robot, a cyborg, or a computer.
  • This was a good chance to focus on the prejudism of aliens, since that is the theme of the series. Unfortunately they blow it on cyborgs.
  • When the Rangers refer to Piggy's patrons as monsters, he points out that they see them as the monsters, but Piggy's patrons are mostly criminals.
  • When the Rangers threw Sophie out of the academy, it was mostly because she lied to them and hacked into their systems. It was based on a trust issue, but Cruger tells them that her being a cyborg doesn't make her their enemy. Everyone seems to immediately forget that she was expelled because she lied to them for years and hacked them. "They still have a lot to learn." Yeah, I think they learn from the person commanding them.
  • The Delta Command Megazord was brilliant from the concept of having an entire base as a Megazord to being equipt with the safety zones. Definitely the highlight of the episode.