Airdate: June 18, 2005

The Shadow Ranger challenges Gruumm to a showdown. Gruumm accepts his challenge.
Doggie isn't too happy about Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie coming to Earth.
Supreme Commander Birdie isn't impressed with the infamous S.P.D. Power Rangers.
The Rangers are alerted to a giant monster attacking the city. They form the Delta Squad Megazord to stop it.
Birdie challenges Cruger's leadership and orders him to split the Rangers up for good. Doggie refuses.
Commander Cruger announces that he has been relieved of duty and that Supreme Commander Birdie will be taking his place.
Z says she's not going to put up with the changes, but Kat convinces the Rangers that they must follow the chain of command.
The Rangers are alerted to a massive surge of evil energy. Birdie only sends Jack, Sky, and Bridge to take care of the threat.
The Rangers drive in on their Patrol Cycles and are confronted by Emperor Gruumm.
Gruumm owns the Rangers with ease, and demands they inform Anubis of his challenge.
Supreme Commander Birdie is furious that the Power Rangers failed against Gruumm. "If you want something done right, do it yourself!"
Kat tells the other Rangers that one of them should go tell Doggie about Gruumm's message. Jack decides that he will go.
Sydney and Z use girl power to take down a havoc wreaking criminal.
The Pink and Yellow Rangers morph and face off against Changtor.
Supreme Commander Birdie shows up to take on Gruumm by himself.
Birdie gets owned by Gruumm.
Jack informs Doggie that Gruumm is on Earth and of his message.
Doggie remembers battling against Gruumm on Sirius and cutting off one of his horms with the Shadow Saber.
Commander Cruger shows up to find everything falling apart.
B-Squad is finally reunited and they form the Delta Squad Megazord to bring down Changtor.
The Shadow Ranger comes to the rescue on his new Delta ATV.
The Shadow Ranger rides in from above and catches Grumm offguard. Gruumm falls, but he escapes for now.
The Power Rangers unite together and declare victory for their triumph over Gruumm.
Birdie appoligizes for getting in Cruger's way. He leaves S.P.D. in good hands.
Cruger says this isn't going to be a picnic now that he's back and orders everyone get to back to training. All of the cadets scatter.
Doggie says it's good to back and Kat agrees that it's good to have him back. The two of them walk away as the mysterious light follows behind them.
  • Supremem Commander Birdie was a total spaz. His orders were ridiculous. I can't imagine any rational person following them.
  • It would've been better if Birdie actually had a reason for questioning Cruger's actions. Just last episode, he leaves Newtech City defenseless by bringing the Delta Base to Japan, but Birdie never mentions a word of that. He's also pretty quick to dispose of the most powerful Ranger they've got.
  • It was good to see a little more of S.P.D.'s command structure beyond Earth. Hopefully Birdie and the rest of Galaxy Command play a bigger part towards the finalle.
  • When the Rangers first arrive in Kyoto, and Bridge reads Katana's thoughts, they are just the same words that he said when they were watching him on the view screen in the Delta Base.
  • We finally see why Gruumm hates Cruger so much with the flashback of him slicing off his one of his horns.
  • The vehicle battle was intense. Watching Gruumm own the Rangers and Birdie was great, and the Delta ATV is slick. Although Shadow Ranger shouldn't have defeated Gruumm so easily.
  • Where the heck is A-Squad?