Airdate: June 25, 2005

Krybots are stealing gold from the World Gold Depository.
The Power Rangers are alerted to this and morph into action. "S.P.D. Emergency!"
The Rangers defeat the Krybots, destroy the giant robot, and contain the Greeneyes monster.
Since the satellite survielence is down, Cruger asks the Rangers what had happened. Since no one can seem to agree, he asks for Jack's story first.
"Nothing like a little Krybot before breakfast." Jack exclaims as he makes quick work of them. Meanwhile the others parade him with hero worship.
The Red Ranger uses his Delta Blasters to take out another batch of Krybots.
"I wish I had blasters like the Red Ranger." Sky says immitating Jack. "Where you even there Jack?"
Sky tells his version of the story. "...And you can put this down as an offical report." The Blue Ranger takes on the Krybots, "I'll get these bots. Jack use your blasters!"
The Blue Ranger saves the day with the Deltamax Striker.
"It started early. I was gonna have oatmeal to eat, but then I thought: No, maybe a cheese and avacado omelette."
Cruger finally gets Bridge to tell him his perspective. The Green Ranger is the only one to enter like they learned in special entrance class.
"That's 5-7-8! Wait did I miss one? Okay wait I'll just start over." the Green Ranger questions while he handles the Krybots.
The Green Ranger uses his Deltamax Striker to save the day. "And that's the truth, the whole truth..."
"...And nothing close to the truth." Z finally gets the chance to tell her version of the story.
The Yellow Ranger makes a special entrance of her own.
"The one and only Yellow Ranger!" Z exclaims as she takes on the Krybots.
The Yellow Ranger finishes the job with her Deltamax Striker. "I'd like to see someone argue with that story."
"Not a problem!" Syd replies. Now she gets to tell her story.
The Pink Ranger fights the Krybots, "I hope this make good so that the others are impressed."
The Pink Ranger saves the day and defeats the Greeneyes monster.
The Pink Ranger uses her Deltamax Striker to finish the job.
Kat finally reconstructs the feed so they can see what really happened.
The Power Rangers are overwhelmed by the Krybots.
The orb of white light appears again and defeats the Krybots.
Thinking they had defeated the Krybots, the Rangers form the Delta Squad Megazord and destroy Greeneyes' giant robot.
As the Rangers continue to argue again over what had happened, Doggie and Kat sneak out of the Command Center.
  • This dialogue in this episode is hillarious.
  • This episode is composed of the same footage used six times with different dialogue and minor differences.
  • The sparkling ball of light owns the Krybots.
  • Yeah, I'm never doing that again.